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This is an archived collection of The Job Description, an employment law newsletter published by The Cavanaugh Law Firm that is devoted to employment issues and other matters of interest to our clients.  The newsletter is designed to highlight current events in employment law and to acquaint our clients and friends with updated legal concepts and principles.  These past issues are made available with the understanding that they are not offered as specific legal advice, and that the facts and opinions included within may be, or may become outdated with the passage of time.


November 2015 - Issue 15

  • How to Handle the DOL’s Higher Salary Test for Overtime Exemptions
  • No Right to Work for Missouri
  • OSHA Penalties on the Rise
  • EEOC Cracking Down on Transgender Discrimination
  • What May You Ask an Employee who Calls in Sick?

August 2015 - Issue 14

  • DOL Proposes Revisions Doubling the Minimum Salary Requirement for Exempt Employees
  • EEOC Says Sexual Orientation Workplace Bias is Illegal
  • NLRB Offers Guidance on Employee Handbook Policies

April 2015 - Issue 13

  • New IL Law Requires Employers to Accommodate Pregnant Employees
  • What Did the EEOC Do In 2014?
  • The Pros and Cons of Severance Agreements
  • NLRB Allows Employee Use of Employer Email Systems

July 2014 - Issue 12

  • Practical Tips for Employment Termination: Ways to Limit Potential Liability
  • Employers Beware: EEOC Stepping Up Disability Discrimination Enforcement
  • Illinois Gov. Quinn Approves Ballot Question to Raise Minimum Wage
  • Employers’ Duties to Accommodate Nursing Mothers
  • Obama to Sign Order Barring U.S. Contractors from Job Bias Based on Sexual Orientation

March 2014 - Issue 11

  • Missouri House Speaker to Push for ‘Right to Work’ Law
  • Medical Marijuana Legalized in Illinois
  • Bill Would Prohibit Discrimination Against Unemployed Applicants
  • EEOC Reports Employers Paid a Record $372 Million in Settlements in FY2013
  • Congress Unlikely to Pass Bill Banning Discrimination Based on Sexual Orientation
  • The EEOC’s Focus on Religious Accommodation
  • New Workplace Laws in Missouri and Illinois

August 2013 - Issue 10

  • Supreme Court Revisits Title VII, Issues Pro-Employer Decisions
  • Missouri Court Rules in Favor of Employer in Non-compete Dispute
  • Non-compete News: Illinois Appellate Court Finds Non-Compete Unenforceable; Continued Employment of at Least Two Years Required
  • New Illinois Laws to Help Ex-Offenders Get Jobs
  • Illinois Governor Signs Two New Independent Contractor Laws To Deter Misclassification

May 2013 - Issue 9

  • Are You Subject to Health Care Reform’s Employer Mandate?
  • New I-9 and FMLA Forms
  • Unpaid Intern Lawsuits on the Rise
  • Legislative Update
  • Are You Ready to Accommodate Nursing Mothers?

January 2013 - Issue 8

  • Healthcare Planning in 2013
  • New Illinois Employment Laws in 2013
  • Implications of Presidential Election on Labor & Employment Laws
  • Missouri Minimum Wage Increased

November 2012 - Issue 7

  • Recent NLRB Decisions Challenge At-Will Disclaimers and May Impact HR Investigations
  • New Forms for Background Checks Required by January 1, 2013
  • Can an Employer Force an Employee to Go Home Sick?
  • Pregnant Workers Fairness Act Introduced in Congress
  • Using Interns: is it Legal?

July 2012 - Issue 6

  • Tips to Avoid FMLA Pitfalls
  • $10 Minimum Wage Bill Introduced in Congress
  • Top 10 Guidelines for Social Media Background Checks
  • New Illinois Law Protects Employees’ Online Privacy
  • Supreme Court Upholds Healthcare Reform – What it Means for Employers

April 2012 - Issue 5

  • Five Steps to Reduce the Risk of Employee Misclassification
  • EEOC Signals Renewed Focus on "Caregiver Responsibilities" Discrimination
  • Recent Ruling That Class Action Waivers are Illegal Shows NLRB Remains Active
  • NLRA Posting Requirement Delayed
  • Legislative Update

January 2012 - Issue 4

  • Six Employee Handbook Revisions to Consider for 2012
  • U.S. Supreme Court to Hear High-Profile Challenges to Healthcare Reform
  • U.S. Department of Transportation Announces Rule that Bans Hand-Held Cell Phones
  • Record Number of EEOC Charges Filed
  • Management Tips

October 2011 - Issue 3

  • 1099 Misclassification and IRS Amnesty Program
  • Illinois Workers' Compensation System Overhauled
  • Legislative Update
  • Military Spouses Who Relocate Can Now Get Unemployment Benefits in Missouri

July 2011 - Issue 2

  • Hiring Summer Help? Watch Out for Child Labor Laws
  • Illinois Enacts Civil Union Law with Broad Implications for Employers
  • Missouri Gov. Nixon Vetoes Pro-Employer Bill to Amend Missouri Human Rights Act
  • Tech Update: New Timesheet App Helps Workers Track Hours on Their iPhones
  • New I-9 Form and Procedures Take Effect
  • Congressional Update: Sexual Orientation / Gender Identity Employment Bill

April 2011 - Issue 1

  • What Employers Should Learn from New EEOC Statistics
  • EEOC Discusses Use of Unemployment Status in Applicant Screening
  • Update on the "Facebook Case"
  • Missouri Legislative Update
  • Reducing the Legal Risk of a Reduction in Force: to WARN or not to WARN