Labor and employment law is tricky and changes quickly.  Small and medium size businesses sooner or later realize that common sense gets you only so far in this field and that no good deed goes unpunished.  Those businesses want to recruit and hire the best quality candidates, promote and manage their workforces fairly and effectively, discipline employees when appropriate, and terminate when necessary - all while minimizing or eliminating the risk of liability or a lawsuit. 

During my fourteen years of labor and employment law experience, I have focused on the unique issues affecting small to medium sized businesses. I concentrate my practice on Missouri and Illinois, but my work covers other states nationwide.  I look for solutions that not only comply fully with the law, but are also the best business decisions.  My considerable trial experience improves my advice to clients since I know first-hand how disputes may ultimately be decided.  I suggest solutions that not only conform with the law, but best serve clients’ business needs and increase their productivity.  My experience in the substantive areas of employment law covers a wide range, including federal and state laws in Missouri, Illinois, and many other states.  I have taken lead responsibility in prosecuting and defending cases in numerous jurisdictions.  My experience litigating employment cases allows me to evaluate cases early and implement a strategy to achieve the best result for the client, whether it be early settlement, mediation, summary judgment, or trial. My customer service is top notch, and I strive to make my labor and employment law expertise accessible to small to medium businesses.