Sample Trial Experience

Plaintiff v. Transportation company

I represented the defendant in this bench trial, in which the plaintiff sued for damages after the defendant's truck hit the plaintiff's vehicle. The court found for the defendant.

Applicant v. Employer

I first-chaired this bench trial in federal court. The plaintiff maintained our client failed to hire him because of his race, age, and gender. The court found for our client.

Plaintiff v. Defendant

I second-chaired this jury trial. A 14-year old girl was sexually assaulted while riding the school bus home one afternoon. The two assailants were expelled and criminally convicted. Plaintiff claimed the bus company failed to train the driver to prevent this situation and claimed the bus driver negligently failed to intervene in the ongoing assault. The jury returned a defense verdict for our client after four and a half hours of deliberation.

Employee v. Employer

I won this employment discrimination jury trial for the employer in St. Louis County. I first-chaired this trial in which a former employee alleged the employer terminated him in retaliation for making a worker's compensation claim. The jury returned a unanimous verdict for the employer.

Employee v. Employer

I represented the employer in this federal employment discrimination jury trial. The plaintiff maintained her employer terminated her because she requested and took leave under the Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA). After the close of the plaintiff's evidence, the court directed a verdict for the employer.

Contractor v. Customer

I first-chaired this court-tried case, in which I represented the plaintiff in a breach of contract dispute. The court found for the plaintiff and awarded the full amount of claimed damages, plus the plaintiff's attorney's fees.